Sunday, September 24, 2023, on a perfect sunny day with temperatures ideal for running, the 2nd annual Great Lincoln Marathon started at 9 am. On behalf of Greater Lincoln, thank you to the runners who participated in our event, which spanned all over the USA. Thank you to the many running clubs that promoted our event, such as Sub5, Central Maine Strider, Crow Athletics, Greater Bangor Area Runners, TRC Runners and Friends, Fleet Feet, Maine Running, Millinocket Marathon, Boston Marathon 2022, Christian Athletics, Canada Club, Old Town Track Club, Clermont Triathlon Club, Ironman Training Club, Crosspoint Bangor Runners, 5K PR Club, Runners of Maine, Strava Club, University of Maine Track & Field, and USATF.

Thank you to the Town of Lincoln staff: Ruth E. Birtz, Brian Hamor of The Waterfront, Cathy Moison, our dedicated volunteer David Moison, and Brian Souers for their support during the race, Karen Richards for taking pictures, Kip Nelson for drone images, Colby & Donna Clendenning and Jerry Moors, Bob Bethune from Treeline for bringing his clean and shiny truck for photos, Chris DeBeck and Jet Everett Timmons from the Lincoln News. Thank you to the Lincoln Police Department. A HUGE thank you to Ben Barr at WABI TV for coverage of the event. Thank you to Ron Larson and Tyler at Tri Athlete Sports and Rachel at Dick’s Sporting Goods for their sponsorship and support. We would like to thank our sponsor Treeline, Inc., who has supported us from the beginning (Whitney Souers and Brian & Denise Brown Souers) – we look forward to involving more businesses in 2024.

A huge thank you to my wife, Laura McIntyre, for all her support, special technology skills, and fieldwork. Thank you to Cortney Ann for her fantastic job with the design of the logo and promotional items.

Thank you for counsel from Glendon “Bucky” Rand, David Farrar, Gary Allen, Bob Booker, and USATF course certifier/Boston qualifier Bob Kennedy. A huge thank you to the residents of Lincoln and Enfield for encouraging and cheering on our runners along the course.

If you and/or your company are interested in joining our team for planning or sponsorship, please call 207-694-9184 or email [email protected]. Thank you to everyone for making this a fantastic event to benefit the Greater Lincoln Area. We are off and running as this year 2 athletes qualified for the Boston Marathon. As always, stay healthy, happy training, and see you next year at the 3rd annual Great Lincoln Marathon on September 15, 2024. You can register at We have a donate button on the RunSignUp account for those of you interested in helping with this event. Regards,

Lifestyle Sports Global, LLC Race Director, Dave McIntyre